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Find the best Vancouver neighborhood for you

Moving country to Canada or even changing cities within Canada and making the move out West to Vancouver can be stressful. When you’re moving to Vancouver and trying to decide where to live, location is the most important criteria when choosing your next home. To help people move with confidence, Navut created a unique Neighborhood […]

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Kits Pool in Kitsilano from the air

The Vancity Swim Club

Wondering what you should be doing now that the summer is out to play? If you enjoy swimming, you’re in luck. Vancouver has a great selection of outdoor swimming pools. There are five outdoor swimming pools in Vancouver; Hillcrest Aquatic Centre, Kitsilano Pool, Maple Grove Pool, New Brighton Pool, and Second Beach Pool. And while you’re at it, why not join […]

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How to Find the Right Neighbourhood in Vancouver

So you’ve decided on Canada’s beautiful West Coast city of Vancouver.  It’s a fine choice. With a mild climate, barely any snowfall in the city, and undeniable beauty in whichever direction you’re looking in, it’s no surprise that this wonderful metropolitan is consistently ranked one of the most liveable cities in the world. Whether you’re […]

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A guide to Canadian cash

When I first arrived in Canada, I found the cash crazily confusing – the talk of loonies and toonies was, quite frankly, loony. So here’s a quick guide. Money is also called cash—coins and bills. That’s pretty straightforward and not really surprising. There are 100 cents in one dollar. Common bills (paper money) are $5, […]

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A how-to guide to buying property in Vancouver

Are you wondering how to buy real estate or a property in Vancouver? If you’ve decided to buy a property in Vancouver, arguably one of the most beautiful places in the world, where do you begin? In this guest post from JD Horlings, a Vancouver Real Estate Consultant, we explore the process of buying a […]

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Definitely raining Vancouver Tumblr

Just in case you haven’t seen it already, this is probably the best website in/explaining life in Vancouver. The Tumblr uses Gifs (obviously) to humorously depict everyday life in Vancouver. Written by an anonymous word-smith, who’s clearly also new to Vancouver, it’s refreshing to see someone else noticing and elucidating the same daft things about Vancouver […]

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How to watch UK catch-up TV from Canada

I’ve been finding it hard to adjust to Canadian TV. It’s the adverts. Seeing as I work in advertising, I can’t say it’s the adverts that are the problem. It’s the fact that it takes hours to watch anything. That, and the fact that Canadian/American TV just seems a bit over the top. Too much flashing stuff […]

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How to call the UK from Canada

There’s one thing that always seems to baffle me. How to call the UK from Canada. I know I should know, but I always forget. So, in case you’re anything like me, this is how it’s done – 01144+number Dial 011 – this is the Canada exit code and it’s got to be dialled first for all […]

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Get yourself sorted with healthcare in Vancouver

Because it takes so long to come through, one of the first things it’s worth getting sorted is healthcare.  Unfortunately in Vancouver (and British Columbia) there is a three month ‘waiting period’. I’m not entirely sure what the wait is about, but it takes three months from the date you arrive in the country for […]

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Guide to finding a job in Vancouver

A guide to getting a job in Vancouver

In a previous post, how to find a job before you arrive in Vancouver, I discussed the fact that in Vancouver it seems to be really hard to find a job before you arrive. But once you have arrived in Vancouver, how do you go about landing yourself a job? Canadianize your CV or resume […]

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